About Us

Anglin Financial Management was formed by Alynn (Anglin) in 2003. Alynn and her husband, Terry Godfroy, have amalgamated their financial planning practices and now own and operate Godfroy Financial Group. They have a straightforward goal:

  • To help people through good times and bad,
  • To take the fear out of investing, and
  • To generate results so clients can achieve their dreams.

Located in Tecumseh, Ontario, the team at Godfroy Financial is dedicated to providing you with professional, friendly service.

As licensed financial advisors, Terry and Alynn Godfroy provide a variety of services to help you increase your wealth, protect your family and business, and plan for your future. They will help you:

  • Create a sound plan to grow and protect your money
  • Implement your plan using strategies such as segregated funds, annuities, life insurance, and more,
  • Monitor your investments and make changes when necessary,
  • Select insurance that will protect you and your family through injury, illness, or worse,
  • Save money and pay less in taxes,
  • Develop and implement strategies to reduce costs and protect your business
  • Plan for your retirement, buyout, children’s education, or other goals, and
  • Plan your estate to maximize wealth while minimizing taxes and probate fees.

Jennifer Thivierge keeps the office running smoothly and assists clients with paperwork or special requests. You can contact her at any time during business hours, or leave a message. Jennifer will ensure you get the information you need.

So, don’t wait to get started on your path to financial freedom. Contact Godfroy Financial Group today.