The Process We Follow

Your Financial Plan Needs to Fit You – And Your Goals

When it comes to increasing your wealth, and then protecting it, there are four things we need to accomplish:

  • Reduce the taxes you pay individually, as a family, and in your business
  • Diversify your investments to limit volatility and improve your cash flow
  • Buy smart investments, tailored to you, and hold them for a longer term
  • Protect you and your family from the unexpected

However, everyone’s situation is slightly different. This is why we take a holistic approach when developing your personal or business financial plan. After all, when we fully understand your needs and current financial position, we can create a plan that works best foryou. And to do this, I follow a 6 step process:

1.  Determine Your Current Situation and Your Goals
Together, we’ll look at your current taxes, insurance policies, investments, income, and savings. This provides a snapshot of where you are right now. From here, we’ll discuss your goals for retirement, children’s education, business growth, and so on. This provides a clear picture of where you stand today, as well as where you want to go.

2. Analyze How You Feel About Risk
In the next step, we’ll help you complete a Risk Tolerance questionnaire. This tells us how to invest your money so it will grow, while still allowing you to sleep at night.

3. Prepare Your Plan or Investment Policy Statement
This is your roadmap or guide to help you reach your goals. It outlines how your assets will be allocated between stocks, bonds, cash, and other investments. We will recommend investments after taking into account your tolerance for risk, as well as the amount of time you have to earn interest. We also consider any special needs you may have, such as paying off debt or generating income.

4. Invest Your Money
Now, it’s time to invest your money. This is something we take very seriously. For example, if we invest your money in segregated funds, we make sure the funds and managers are proven, long-term performers.

5. Ensure You and Your Family are Protected
No one wants their plans to derail because of illness or death in the family. This is why we review your insurance coverage with you to ensure you have the right coverage, at the lowest cost.

6. Monitor, Report, and Make Changes as Needed
Every quarter, you’ll receive a report that details how your investments have performed over the past 3 months. We’ll make changes as needed. And if something happens in the meantime, we are only a phone call or email away.

Your financial plan must reflect your goals, beliefs, and lifestyle if it’s going to work for you. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started on the journey to reaching your dreams.