We have provided links to several online calculators to give you a general idea of how your money can grow and work for you.

Find out how your money grows, especially if you start investing at a young age. And if you haven’t started as early as you like, this calculator also tells how much you need to save to catch up. Advantage of Early Investing

How fast will your money grow if you set some aside on a regular basis? Try different scenarios at this link: Investment and Regular Deposit Calculator

There will likely come a time when you need to withdraw money from your investments. Find out what the impact will be here: Investment and Regular Withdrawal Calculator

Do you qualify for a mortgage? This calculator gives you a general idea of what you might be able to afford. Mortgage Qualifier

Now that you have a mortgage, how fast can you pay it off?  You’ll see how you can pay down your mortgage faster here: Mortgage/Loan Amortization Schedule

If you’re carrying too much debt, this calculator may help. It shows you how your monthly payments can change by consolidating all of your debts into one loan. Debt Consolidator

Have you ever wondered how much you are worth?  Find out here: Net Worth Illustrator

RESPs can be an effective way to save for your children’s’ education. This calculator shows you how much you need to set aside to ensure you have enough for college or university expenses. RESP Calculator

How much income can you expect with your RIF or LIF? You’ll have a better idea when you try this link: RIF/LIF Calculator

Setting money aside is key to achieving the retirement of your dreams. Find out how much you’ll need to save here: RRSP Calculator

Should you get a “catch-up” loan to grow your RRSPs faster?  This calculator gives you an idea of how a loan can help your savings multiply: RRSP Loan Planner

Of course, the information provided by using these links is only the beginning. With the right help, we can make your dreams a reality with financial planning and investments that work for youContact us today for your free, no-obligation appointment.