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"I choose to work with retirees. Because it's alarming to see how much money they lose in taxes when they are not prepared. It's my goal to help retirees and those about to retire keep as much of their hard-earned cash in their pocket as they can." - Alynn Godfroy
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Alynn Godfroy - Financial Retirement Specialist


Honours Bachelor of Commerce from the U. of Windsor
Life License Qualifications Program
Certified Executive Advisor Designation
Elder Planning Counselor Designation
Master Financial Advisor Designation
Certified Life Underwriter Designation


Investment Approach

Three easy steps. #1. Determine your short, medium and long-term goals. #2. We do a risk profile questionnaire to determine risk tolerance. #3. We choose the best investments based on our conversation and my nearly 20 years of experience as an advisor.

Alynn Godfroy

My name is Alynn Godfroy. For nearly 20 years, I have helped people prepare their finances for retirement. Can I get honest with you for a moment? My husband lost his job in my first marriage, so we learned to live solely on my income. I learned how to save, manage and invest money. While the marriage might not have lasted, the lessons learned are invaluable. Because the concepts of saving, managing, and investing your hard-earned cash are the foundations of a stable and secure retirement. It's a fact that planning for your financial future can be scary and stressful. But frankly, it doesn't have to be. I can help, I am constantly upgrading my skills, following evolving investment strategies and staying on top of changing tax laws which means you don't have to.

Book an appointment and let's get to know each other. It's the first step in determining whether we both want to invest the time, effort, and energy to build the dream retirement you envision. What's that worth to you? This first one is on me.


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Our Services

We offer a range of services with one common goal: to simplify financial management and help you step into your full potential through smart financial decisions. We have a team of highly-skilled retirement plan consultants near you to help you achieve your financial goals. We’re here for families, entrepreneurs with significant assets to control and those who are just starting out on their journey to prosperity. Our services include:

Financial Planning

A wise man once said that money won’t fix a money problem. Instead, you need a sound financial plan that includes a strategy for growing your income and managing that growth effectively.

Your financial plan should be concise and easy to follow. It should be scalable, enabling you to continue on your path as your wealth grows. Setting up your financial plan requires some strategic thought, knowledge of the industry you work in and should be centred around your personal goals.

We can take these factors (among many others) and bring them together in a plan that’s actionable, easy to implement and that will give you the growth and the financial certainty you’re looking for.

Insurance Solutions

Whether it’s for your assets, wealth or if you’re seeking health insurance in Windsor, insurance gives you the peace of mind that your valuables are safe and secure.

While no one can promise nothing will happen to them, we can promise that you’ll be compensated for any losses.

Insurance is also about safeguarding those you care about most in life. Insurance gives them power to continue to survive in your absence, or the tools to keep you cared for should you become ill. A comprehensive insurance plan is a life raft for your loved ones.

At Godfroy Financial, we offer key insurance plans, including:

  • Life Insurance: ensures your family is taken care of even if the unthinkable should happen
  • Critical Illness or Disability Insurance: essential financial support if you are injured or become ill and unable to earn an income
  • Long Term Care Insurance: gives your loved ones the financial assistance necessary to care for you should you become unable to care for yourself.


Ready for that new home? Looking for an investment or vacation property? Breaking into the Canadian homeowner’s market for the first time? We’re here to assist.

As part of our financial services, we also offer in-house mortgage services. Our in-house rates are exceptionally competitive, with some of our long-term best rates drastically beating the posted rates. We also offer flexibility, enabling you to choose the plan that works best for you.

Buyout Assistance

A buyout is always exciting, it feels like the beginning of a new journey. However, at the start of this adventure, it’s important to navigate the financial aspects with concise decisions and clear planning.

Have you considered how much CPP (Canada Pension Plan) and OAS (Old Age Security) you are entitled to? How about taxes – are you aware of how certain investments might affect your tax status?

We’re here to help you sift through complicated industry terminology to find a solid plan that works for you.

Retirement Planning

As professional and local retirement investment advisors near you, we can make planning for your retirement exciting and seamless. It shouldn’t feel daunting and overwhelming, nor should it require that you invest more than you feel comfortable with.

As a retirement financial planner near you, we want you to feel excited and empowered financially.

Our retirement planning advisors near you are passionate about finding innovative solutions to help you achieve the retirement that you deserve.

It’s never too early or too late to start preparing. We’ll help you choose a retirement savings plan that works for you, using our financial projection software to give you insight into the result of your current savings strategy.

Ready to build your future wealth? Consult a retirement management advisor near you today.

Tax Planning

While we can’t shirk our tax obligations, we can certainly help reduce your tax payments.

Business taxes can be reduced when we utilize our knowledge of insurance and investments and plan finances carefully. Through our expertise, we can help you reduce your business tax.

Retiring? Working? We can also reduce personal income taxes.

We utilize tools at our disposal, like tax-free savings accounts, investments and retirement plans to reduce income taxes. Contact our retirement tax advisor near you for an appointment to find out more.

HS & DS - Teachers

We were very pleased with Alynn’s approach to our finances, her attention to detail and how she stays in contact on a regular basis to let us know how our investments are performing.

DB & GB Engineer, Nurse

Alynn takes the time to get to know you  and makes complicated financial information easy to understand. After meeting with Alynn, our financial lives were better organized, and our path forward was very clear.

KD & HD Autoworker, Sales Manager

We don’t know what the future holds but with Alynn’s expertise we feel so much more in control. We appreciate how patient she has been in explaining all of our options. We highly recommend her.

MD & LD Sales Manager, Dental Hygienist 

There is a confidence that comes in working with Godfroy Financial, knowing that your affairs are being managed efficiently and in your best interest.

CS & JS Sales Manager, Principal

We’ve worked with Alynn for over fifteen years and find her open, friendly and totally professional.

BN Business Owner

Alynn Godfroy has been excellent and extremely efficient in her handling of my financial affairs for many years. It’s my great pleasure to give her a ringing endorsement.

Our Customer Service Promise

We also offer other financial services in line with sound financial advice. We assist individuals from every walk of life. Regardless of your current financial position, we are committed to helping you in your financial planning.

For new parents seeking to lay the groundwork for financial resources later on in their children’s lives, we offer sound professional guidance. We also specialize in assisting retirees with their financial planning and decision-making, as well as personalized estate planning near you.

We are a transparent brand and we believe that you should enjoy the benefits of decision-making. We see it as our duty to you to make complicated financial jargon easy to understand.

This enables you to make the decisions you really want to, with a full understanding of all of your options.

Contact us for your free, no-obligation consultation and take the first step to reach your financial goals.

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