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Growing and protecting your wealth

Hello, my name is Alynn Godfroy. I help retirees and those about to retire with the three critical areas for retirement:


  • Tax Optimization - ensuring the proper tax structures for increased long-term wealth.
  • Wealth Preservation -  maximizing wealth preservation through insurance and investment strategies.
  • Estate Planning - clearly defining a succession plan and a Will to appropriately safeguard estates.

So they can plan a stress-free retirement knowing they have taken care of their loved ones.

 In my experience, these areas are where people lack financial planning.

The credentials and knowledge I have achieved throughout my 20-year career have prepared me to address these specific issues for you. As a result, Godfroy Financial is not only the most trusted source for retirement advice in Windsor/Essex but also the most qualified. Therefore, let's focus on ensuring your retirement is tax optimized, has sufficient insurance and investments for preserving wealth and has a clearly defined and well-thought-out estate plan.


Whether you work with Godfroy Financial or not, we want you to have the right tools to build a solid foundation for your finances." - Alynn Godfroy, The Financial Architect For Canadians


Godfroy Financial has a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 from over 160 reviews on Google. And 4.8 stars out of 5 from 42 Facebook reviews. Godfroy Financial is the most reviewed financial services organization in the Windsor/Essex area.
With over 1000 followers and likes on Facebook, a newsletter with over 500 subscribers, over 3500 connections on Linkedin, and an active Youtube Channel and Podcast, Godfroy Financial is committed to being the #1 Financial Retirement Specialist in the area.