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Growing and protecting your wealth

Hello, my name is Alynn Godfroy. I help retirees and those about to retire with three critical areas for retirement:


  • Tax Optimization - ensuring the proper tax structures for increased long-term wealth.
  • Wealth Preservation -  maximizing wealth preservation through insurance and investment strategies.
  • Estate Planning - clearly defining a succession plan and a Will to appropriately safeguard estates.

So they can plan a stress-free retirement knowing they have taken care of their loved ones.

 In my experience, these areas are where people lack financial planning.

The credentials and knowledge I have achieved throughout my 20-year career have prepared me to address these specific issues for you. As a result, Godfroy Financial is not only the most trusted source for retirement advice in Windsor/Essex but also the most qualified. Therefore, let's focus on ensuring your retirement is tax optimized, has sufficient insurance and investments for preserving wealth and has a clearly defined succession plan in the form of a well-thought-out estate plan.


Retirement planning can be daunting and complicated, but it doesn't have to be.

At Godfroy Financial, we help you grow and protect your wealth.



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What sets Godfroy Financial apart from the rest?

The Godfroy Suite of Financial Services

Specialization and expertise in retirement planning

Tax Optimization

Tax specialist who can ensure the maximum tax shelter and growth for your income.

Tax Optimization

Wealth Preservation

The right plan can preserve wealth while maintaining your lifestyle in retirement

Wealth Preservation

Estate Planning

CEA and EPC designations to work specifically with the Executors of will and the elderly population.

Estate Planning
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With nearly 1000 followers and likes on Facebook, a newsletter with over 400 subscribers, over 3500 connections on Linkedin, and an active Youtube Channel and Podcast, Godfroy Financial is committed to being the #1 Financial Retirement Specialist in the area.